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eZameen The Real Estate Consultant
eZameen is the leading real estate consultant offering multi services to the citizens of the twin cities i.e Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

As a real estate consultant eZameen can provide you comprehensive and fruitful investment solutions for your investment decision in the real estate market. Our experts keeps up to date information about all the changes which occurs on daily basis in the real estate market and help you to make a profitable decision with the help of our expert opinion. We are able to keep a keen eye on the real estate market trends, golden opportunities, hot spot investment opportunity and we thoroughly study the market rates to make your investment a golden investment opportunity. For your convenience, we are offering our services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Our Real Estate Services

Housing and Construction

eZameen is proud to offer the best construction services for both residential and commercial projects. Our specialized team are very energetic and well trained to provide you out class construction services. Our prices are also very competitive and fare compared to the market normal price.

Property Buy/Sell/Rent

eZameen is proving all services related to buy/sell/rent a residential as well as commercial properties across the twin cities of Pakistan. At eZameen, our experts help you to buy a property, sell or rent it at the best price! If you are interested in buying, selling or renting a property, we make sure you find the best property at a fair market price.

Property Management

eZameen offers complete worry-free property management services in twin cities of Pakistan. In these days your hard earn property must be properly managed to increase its value over time. Proper property management also help in cost reduction and increased returns in the form of profits. Our experts knows the art of managing a property and how to increase its value in the market. Give us an opportunity and you will love our services.

Legal Assistance/Advisory

legal assistance in all legal matters is a basic necessity for the buying an selling of a property and if it is not done properly you can loss your hard earned money. Our legal team is always ready to help you and make it simple for you to go through all the legal processes with an ease. Our legal experts make sure that our valuable clients are protected in all transactions of real estate (sale, rental, purchase residential or commercial property).

Maintenance & Inspection

Every home, building, shop or office need renovation, maintenance, or even a small repair from time to time, and if you do it correctly with the help of experts, you not only reduce the cost of maintenance and inspection as well as it helps you to properly maintain your property. eZameen offers a full range of professional, high-quality and reliable services at your doorstep in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our professional team is at the best in renovation, electrical, painting, installation of a generator, plumbing cleaning and gardening. we offer the most reliable, efficient and effective services to fulfill your needs on time, within your budget.

Market Your Property

If you are an investor having a land and want to sell it with an ease, you can avail our marketing expertise which will help you to reach your target customers in no time. Our experts use both traditional as well as digital marketing tactics to boost sales of your project.

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